Our TIME Together
Will Include:

Effortlessly transform into the Divine Goddess you ALREADY are!


Seeing your whole universe shift and transform.

Feeling unstoppable manifesting faster than ever

Having extreme amounts of confidence

Fully embodying the Divine Goddess within!

Embody the Goddess


Manifesting new things more easily

Feeling reborn

Dive deeper into the mind while freeing up old beliefs

Eliminating toxic patterns

Accepting the Goddess


Getting clear on your desires

Understanding conscious manifesting

Begin to reprogram

Feeling confident 


Getting to know the Goddess

What You'll Learn 

✔ You are sick and tired of toxic cycles!
✔ You want endless bliss and abundance!
✔ You're so ready for life altering transformation!


SO many amazing reviews! You can see more in my Facebook group or website. I have hundreds! 

In 2020 I was scrolling through Tik Tok and this beautiful spirit came up and said Let me manifest a text for you. So I thought I'll try it . I got a text that night and I have been following her every since.

I am currently in both Facebook groups and I love it. I was having so many blocks with my SP and decided to book a session. I was able to heal past hurt and now I love me. I decided to book another session. I went in with an open mind and now I'm in a blissful relationship with my SP. Thank you Candace for all the healing you bring. #Iwonderwhylifegetsbettereveryday #BecauseIsaidso

 "I was able to heal past hurt and now I love me." 


Working with Candace and enrolling in the Effortless Goddess program was and continues to be truly transformational to my life, my own narrative of who I am as a woman, professional and a person.

I have been engrossed in the energy, healing and self-development space for over seven years today, and have found her work to be so powerful, purposeful, meaningful and on-point.

She combines all the teachings from old and modern schools of thought that she then helps us translate into our day-to-day life in very simple ways. The reprogramming sessions, knowledge shared and discussions by the amazing like-minded women joining the group every week are just enlightening and have an awakening effect on me every week.

Candace asks us to track our progress by stating our feelings and projection of our own self-concept at different moments of the program. I feel reborn and different, totally different by the week. I have effortlessly revamped my whole life in just weeks. My relationship with myself and those in my life, whether in love, family, work, etc.. has evolved in unimaginable ways, instantly and effortlessly.

The program is so rich with MEANINGFUL information, practical exercises and amazing mind hacks that I personally found so profound, powerful and empowering. This course has helped me take ownership of my own narrative, and has as such, helped me live life as it is meant to be lived, fully and happily with great abundance, adventure and love.

So grateful for the connection, for the growth and freedom I have learnt from Candace, her story and constant teachings. So grateful for the beautiful souls in the course that have found each other from across the world. They are all so inspiring, and I am super excited for what is unfolding. 

"The program is so rich with MEANINGFUL information, practical exercises and amazing mind hacks..."


Candace has changed my life! I was struggling to find the right kind of love for many years and nothing worked. After I began working with her, everything changed! Quickly too! We did several reprogramming sessions, I bought her meditations, and joined her group program!

I finally manifested the love of my life!!! I am now engaged to be married!! I couldn’t be happier in my life and thank Candace for her unconditional love and support! She is the BEST!

 "After I began working with her, everything changed! Quickly too!"

Reviews from real Clients